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Erma, Knowing you when I was hunting for a job was a real blessing.
Making use of your advices and guidance weaponed me into an informed understanding and knowledged professional candidate and that got me the job of my wishes.
I really wish you success in shaping other’s careers and similarly to your agency.
Regards, “impressed James”
James M
Dee and Erma
I would just like to thank you both for your excellent service. Honestly I am not a big fan of recruitment agencies only because I get no feedback and no assistance. I understand recruitment agencies get thousands of CV’s.
You guys proved that you do get people that enjoy their work and really put effort into helping people finding a job. Thank you again.
I haven’t met you guys but it feels that we already know each other for quite some time and that is mainly because of communication and your interest in people.
I will without a doubt refer your excellent service to anyone I know.
Liezl S
Dear Erma,
Again I wish to take a moment to thank you for your most efficient and thorough administration of this application process. I am amazed at the detail you have covered in wanting to assist me with preparation for this next step in the process – the Interview!
It seems a lot less daunting, now that I have an absolutely clear idea of what to expect (as far as possible). Thank you for that too.
I will certainly make use of every bit of information and guidance given, as I prepare over the next few days, and will definitely contact you if I have any uncertainties along the way.
With sincere thanks for every aspect of your support,
and great respect,
Carol S

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